Psycho chicken, qu’est-ce que c’est. Bock bock bock bock, Bock bock bock.

Psyching up for a laying.

Scan today, and the 70’s TV screen snowstorm that they call ” ultrasound technology” was not, in fact, revealing a tasty bit of honeycomb, but my ovaries. You beauty. I am glad the ultrasound machine does not have bunny ear antennaes, because that would be disconcerting. But it would be better if it was a machine that goes “ping”. I’m paying good money. I want a ping.

As hub-in-boots says, it’s the only magic trick where the wand disappears. Oh baby. You could have bought me breakfast. Hub-in-boots has learnt to make approving “hmmmms!” complete with upward inflection when they show him the screen. As in “hmmm, yes it is interesting that your endometrium is 9.8mm thick. Yes indeedy.”. I think he’s been hanging around our Mr Mackey like fertility specialist too long (mmmkay?). He really needed coffee.

Anyway, hub-in-boots and the good looking nurse were pretty happy with the honeycomb on the tele today. (I had no pants on, so I wasn’t that interested in tele. I find tele is better with pants). On the 70’s tele, you can’t see the eggs, just dark spots where the fluid in the follicle is. Which one contains an egg? Yeah the magic wand doesn’t help with that little trick.

There were about 14 follicles, and a bit more even sized than last time. I suspect last time they nearly lost the cycle, started off the drugs too low, didn’t get going, then boosted the drugs and everyone grew all at once but too quickly (i.e. they stuffed up). This time, it’s been slow and steady, with follicles “recruited” early, and all similar sizes. The nurse reckoned 10-14 follicles gives you the best chance, that the large studies show it’s the best balance between the collection, egg quality, and the side effects. We’ll see. I’m not counting my chickens this time.

The blood tests came back and it’s all “perfect”. So we’re waiting to hear on Wednesday, but it looks like they layin’ in on for friday. Feel free to send the giant arrangements of flowers, twisties and dvds to my place Friday arvo. And good quality chocolates. I’ll be the one on the couch with the heatpack. Let’s just hope this time I don’ t go the full blown pre surgery panic attack. I’ll wear my Supergrover Tshirt for good luck.

Then we played show and tell with “the new trigger’. No, IVF has not made me suicidal. Not yet. We’re not talking russian roulette. This is the trigger injection, no pressure, that must be given exactly 36 hours before surgery to release the little eggies. No pressure.  We’ve got a new one this time. Stay tuned for the photies. We have:

  1. four glass vials:2 water 2 powder
  2. two needles
  3. one syringe

So here’s how the Pregnyl game goes:

1. snap the top off the glass vials without crushing the glass into the drugs or your fingers

2. put the dirty great big mixing needle onto the syringe

3. suck up one lot of water into the syringe

4. shoot the water into vial of powder #1

5. Suck up the new solution into the syringe

6. shoot the new solution into vial of powder #2

7. Suck up solution #2 into syringe

8. Change needles (but don’t spill anything or drop the syringe)

9. Jab smaller needle into stomach

10. Stinging pain

See? Simple! IVF is EASY! We played show and tell with steps 1-8 this morning,  rehearsing the whole thing thanks to a patient nurse. Drug companies and their user friendliness hey? When does it end?

I hope that my two needle stick injuries tonight (first ones, both in my own thumb) will be the end of the week’s klutziness. Because you only get one of the Wednesday trigger. Stuff it, and surgery’s cancelled!

Well this little chicken needs to get to bed. I have to fluff my wings and brood and get ready for the layin. Which is hopefully Friday, and hopefully has more mature eggs than last layin. And in case you’re wondering, I lied. I haven’t been that much of a psycho chicken. (That’s later with the progesterone…). I’ve been a very focused busy chicken, getting my work organised so I can bunk off for a few days if need be, sorting my nest out, and oh, yes, clearing my credit card so it has room for another $8000. Joy.

Who you callin’ chicken?


2 thoughts on “Psycho chicken, qu’est-ce que c’est. Bock bock bock bock, Bock bock bock.

  1. Good luck! Sending you tons of baby dust and sticky thoughts this week (as we people say)! Also, sending you ninja grace vibes for Wednesday’s trigger! FX! xo

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