How do you like your eggs?

So out of 17 collected, 14 were mature. The others were just not up to it.

And out of the 14 grown ups, 12 chose to hang around for fertilisation. We’ve specially saved the mandarin for future ranga representation. Another nail biting wait and phone call tomorrow about how many make it to 6-8 cells. Cross your fingers.

Recovery has been ok post surgery, but feeling flat and tired today. Possibly too many episodes of Dexter series 4. I’m ok when I’m sitting still, but a walk this morning and a rough night’s sleep thanks to noisy neighbours last night and I’m wiped out. Not too sore though. They were worried about OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome) given the size of the egg collection, but no signs of it and doing ok so far. Better than last time in fact. We’re both stoked with our numbers and hub in boots opened champagne when we got the call about 14 mature. I watched him drink – I was still post general anaesthetic. There was a bit of lounge room dancing for the 12 fertilised.

Back on the dreaded Crinone…the worst part of the whole deal. At least I know the drill. I really need a twelve step programme for my twistie  / smartie addiction, but I seriously blame the Crinone.

And now we wait.


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