Come on baby, check out my eyebrows

I’ve had my eyebrows done today. And my hair done yesterday. Its the once a semester beauty update. So I’m ready to assume the glowing pregnant aura, plus I’m well groomed enough now to qualify for motherhood. If someone would just co-operate & implant.

So on Wednesday we had one embryo “put in the oven”. It looks happy, so let’s just hope it cooks!

As an added bonus, we’ve had two embryos put into the freezer, or as the forums call it, two “frosties”. It means the next cycle, if we need one, will be surgery free. It also means we’ll go to hell, for not respecting the sanctity of human life, but what the hey. These guys look happy enough don’t they?

Of course, no one really explains what happens to the other NINE embryos, but apparently they didn’t progress as planned, so they don’t make the grade. Sad but true. (hell, I tell you).

I don’t have a lot of witticisms ready for the blogosphere this week (blame the Crinone progesterone, it gives me a foggy brain), but I’m feeling pretty ok and tomorrow I’m making my return to boxing, bun or no bun. Late next week the nervous time really kicks in, and Monday 12 Dec is the big test day. Cross your fingers we’re cooking!

Photos of the nine eliminated contestants to follow. We’re just thinking up the appropriate dish. Suggestions welcome…..


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