Ah I love it when the nurses ring and they have that tone of voice. The hello I’m being sunny and friendly because I’m about to give you bad news tone of voice. I’ve had it a few times, and I’m a bit over it.

Yesterday, I was in a supermarket. It was that tone of voice, so I dropped the basket and ran outside to hear better. The chipmunks christmas soundtrack they were playing in the tinned food aisle just didn’t seem to be the right mood music.

They are monitoring my progesterone levels this cycle. On transfer day: 372, very good. Yesterday, 5 days post transfer? 54. Ouch. “So how soon can you get in here? We’d like to see you for a booster shot.” As it turned out, 45 minutes. Hell, if it needs doing, it needs doing.

But I know what it means.

It means we’re stuffed. Again. And it’s a bit early for bad news. I just wanted a few more days in my half hopeful fog. A bit of good news in time for christmas. And I am flashing forward, thinking, you know, if I’m not pregnant by March, there’ll be no baby next Christmas either, and I’ll be 41, and…… yeah, you get the picture.


One thought on “Bugger

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. I really hope they were quick enough with that booster shot. But how can this happen in the first place? What kind of progesterone are you on? I’m taking 6 suppositories a day myself and was lead to believe that that keeps you well covered (i.e. I have had no shots).

    I hope the best for you!

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