Quick update

Been to see the ob today. Bub is alive, growing on track, and still has a heart beat. The clot is still visible on ultrasound, but no worse.

We saw the nice midwife today, and the ob was a bit better. He actually made eye contact and cracked a couple of jokes. He may end up ok.

The fact that theres been no fresh bleeds is a good sign it may stabilise. If it does not go again before 16 weeks we should be ok. If we make 13 weeks we are still in a better position.

I’ve had a couple of moments the last three nights where I thought it was about to start again . I hope not.

We’re cancelling everything: the hospital check in, the glucose tol test, the endocrinologist. The only thing that goes ahead is week 12 screening next Monday . I’m back on my back, bed rest again all week . If we end up high risk + invasive tests next week, I’m to have a third week off.

The midwife said if I’m bleeding and need more tests due to risk I may be counselled by the ultrasound specialist to delay until amino if things are not stable Monday. But we’ll see. Maybe the universe will give us a break.

I’ll update this to a proper post later.


3 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Great with some good news!! I know you must still be terribly worried and anxious, but the main thing is that your little one is still there alive and kicking!! Hope the bed rest isn’t driving you too crazy 🙂

  2. I am so relieved and excited to hear that you heard Bub’s heartbeat, and that s/he’s growing on track!! I’m also glad to hear that you are warming up to your OB. He can’t be so bad if he is cracking jokes!

    D x

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