We still have the clot. I’m still flat on my back, 23/7. Probably for at least another month.

But we don’t have a 1:21 risk of downs. We received the phone call at 4pm. Chromosome 21 is looking beautiful. No three copies here. Just one from me, and one from hub-in-boots. No extras.

And we don’t have the gene mutation that leads to risk of cystic fibrosis.

One week to the full screening results for the rarer genetic issues .

AND we know what we’re having :-).

A baby.
And a glass of champagne.


7 thoughts on “And….breathe

  1. Sanya

    Drinking that champagne with you even if it is only in my thoughts (slurping and sighing wishing it tasted a bit like almonds) !!!Hang in there, similar story here…6 weeks of bed rest including butt cramping and the clot was resolved by week 19. Am now 23 weeks and pretty chumly, food is my savior! The odds are with you 🙂

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