Knit one, shit one (K1 S1)

Ah knitting.  It’s all very well to learn it, but you also need to learn how to fix up your fuck ups. And I’m getting quite good at those. Something funny happened on the tele the other night, I laughed and dropped my needles, and in the process about 10 stitches. I thought I’d picked them up ok and pressed on, only to find a holy (holey) mess 20 minutes later. After several hours of half watching tele and half trying to unpick it, and it hitting about 1am, a concerned hub-in-boots dragged me to bed monday night, right in the middle of South Park.  I didn’t touch it yesterday, in frustration, and had a Gossip Girl marathon instead (loving it). Today was fix it day.

Well today, I’ve learnt Frogging. Frogging is a knitter’s take on a dad joke. When you need to undo a lot of rows at once, you rip it. Ribbit. Frogging. Get it? Yeah, whatever, nan. Luckily this nice lady on youtube showed me what to do, and it worked first time. What a legend.

Apparently the other skill I need is tinking. Tink is knit spelt backwards. Another knitting joke. Geez these knitters know how to party. I can’t face knitting, frogging, and tinking on the one day, so I’ll get to tinking later.

I’ve had some good success with online pattern googling too. I have a bootee book from my Granny’s old knitting drawer, but it was missing the crucial first page that was used as a basis for every other pattern in the book. And this lovely lady, on an old discontinued vintage knitting blog, had posted the missing page! Not that I’m good enough to follow a pattern yet, but finding the missing piece was pretty cool.

Some favourites I am thinking of for hub- in- boots’ second anniversary present in March (or possibly third anniversary given my knitting skills) are as follows:

For the contemporary follicularly challenged man, with a cold face
Annie’s attic Pattern and photo has a lovely built in beard and ‘tache. Nice.
Or for that retro flair, from Granny’s pattern book, we have a lovely knitted tie.
Some have suggested a two tone pastel for this knitted tie. I'd prefer brown.
Hub-in-boots has suggested this crocheted bikini:
from Etsy Crochet but I can’t see it on him myself.

One thought on “Knit one, shit one (K1 S1)

  1. Love your post! That mustache thingy and the bikini are hilarious!
    I had to learn how to knit at school, and I absolutely hated it – no wonder, since our teacher embarrassed me in front of the whole class in one of the first knitting classes 😦 Your knitting vocabulary is rad, though! 🙂

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