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Ok. By way of distraction I’m starting a March photo challenge as proposed on Belle’s Scrambled Eggs blog. Excuse the lack of formal reblogging, I’m a reblog virgin.  And pretty much any other technical / design tools on blogs. No idea. No brain space for more technology.

The photo challenge

From Belle: “If anyone would like to join, leave a comment with a link to your blog and I’ll start a list of participants.

Here are the rules I’m setting for myself. Feel free to alter them to best fit your schedule:

  1. Challenge begins Thursday, March 1, 2012 and ends on March 31. (But you can join in whenever you want!)
  2. Take a daily photo inspired by that days prompt. You don’t need a fancy camera for this. I’ll be using either my large Fuji, my tiny point-and-shoot or my iPhone depending on the day and what equipment I have with me when inspiration strikes.
  3. Post your photos, either daily or every couple of days, to your blog with a note as to what the prompt was.
  4. If you are feeling generous, link your posts back here so folks stumbling upon your blog will know what you are doing.”

The limited mobility thing means they’re all going to be iphone photos….and probably a bit dull…they’re kind of limited to these four walls! Here’s March 1:

Self portrait: me, my knitting, Salvador Dali behind my head, the washing, and a fan cause it's sooooo sticky. Bed rest week 6.

Photo challenge Day 2: Feet

hub in boot's measuring tape, on the table he made with his brother and his dad using fence posts from their farm.

Back when we were on our feet, and even sometimes left the house to go out to dinner...on our way to Felix Bistro for my 40th birthday...I had done a cafe review at Little Ethels, and the owner had wingtip shoes. Hub in boots got shoe envy, and quietly internet shopped for his own pair shortly afterwards....

 photo challenge day 3: domestic

It's a pretty small life. Knitting, remote controls, and tea, but hub-in-boots manages to put a bit of colour back into domestic life by being him, and bringing tulips,
March photo challenge day 4: Illuminate
Day 4: illuminate - getting my head around adversity

The Atlas of Experience is a beautiful book published in 2000 by Bloomsbury. It has, as the title would suggest, maps laid out of human experiences. I love maps. I used to have this enormous atlas as a child, and would pore over it with my Grandfather for hours. (It was better than looking at folding up maps with him, because he was an absolute dictactor on not messing up the map folds….). There’s a few in this book I identify with right now: Adversity, Health, the Void, Boredom. I like what it says about the Adversity map:

In a dark time, the eye begins to see”, a quote from Theodore Reothke.

About boredom, there are two quotes that I like;

Baudrillard says “Boredom is like a pitiless zooming in on the epidermis of time. Every instant is dilated and magnified like the pores of the face.

The other one, from Ellen Parr which sticks around for longer is “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”.

For me, books are, and always have been, illuminating.

Ok so I’m running late on the photo challenge. I will get there. this one is combination: “Commute” and “Challenge”.

Normally, I commute by car to work, through light traffic. But after 7 weeks bedrest, no commuting. In fact, the only time I leave the house now is for Doctor’s appointments. Which is sad.

This brings me to our “challenge”. Our challenge is infertility followed by a complicated pregnancy. This has brought 2 rounds of IVF, 5 hemorrhages, a sub chorionic haematoma, an unfulfilled threat of downs syndrome, and now gestational diabetes. There is nowhere this is more noticeable than with the paperwork. Specifically, the bills. So here is my commute, and our challenge, and our view on the future, all in one photo:

each piece of paper in this photo is an invoice related to IVF and pregnancy. I hope one day there'll be a little person crawling around this rug.
Day 7: Purple

Day 8: Heal

At the start of March, when I saw Belle’s photo prompts, I hoped that the day of my next obstetrician appointment had a prompt that portended well for us. And on the day of  the next doctor’s visit, the prompt was: heal. For some reason I breathed a sigh out when I read that. Call it superstition, call it grasping at straws, I was hopeful.

the 8th of March: heal, was a good day.

Sure enough, we went for the scan in the doctor’s office, and there was no sign of the haematoma. None. No bleeding edge of the placenta, no great dark shadow bigger than Gumby, just a healthy looking (fat) baby and a healthy looking placenta.

It doesn’t mean it’s gone, but it does mean we may heal. March 8th was the first corner we’ve turned in this saga in a long long time. I think I went into shock for two days. I could not react.

We’ll find our more on the 26th. And in case you’re wondering, the prompt for that day is “drink”. Which is appropriate, as I’ll be dutifully downing my water and busting for a pee prior to the scan. and possible indulging in champagne afterwards….

March 9: soft

day 9: Soft

This photo was taken at a friend’s place on the night in between our two cycles of IVF. We’d realised three days before that the first cycle had failed, and on this night, at this bbq, we got the phone call from the doctor about the blood tests and decided we’d go again, the next morning. A brave decision, at the time. The friend’s cat had just had kittens, and they were very cute. It was an important evening where, surrounded by friends, we’d made the decision to steel ourselves for another stab before christmas. Glad we did.

Day 10: Love

There was no day more fun or more loving than our wedding day. I know it’s a bit hackneyed to post someone else’e photo of such a “typical” day, but I never thought I’d get there, to marriage. I’m so glad we did.

day 10: love. Photo courtesy of Sam Doyle at Wedding Stills photography
Michael from Capers Bed and Breakfast playing the bagpipes and leading the bridal party, with his Morris in the background (the car with the BMW numberplates!). photo from Wedding stills

Day 11: living

That’s a hard one. We’re not doing much living at the moment…not how I’d consider it, anyway.  How about we go back to last July, when we decided it had been a stressful enough year already and we booked a last minute cruise. I’d always hated the idea of cruises (they seemed like floating RSL clubs to me), but we actually had a ball. We didn’t know at this stage that we had IVF ahead of us, and it was a wonderful holiday.

This is us on the last night at a cheesy stage show, laughing it up. Terrible photo, brilliant night.

 March 12: Eat

If there’s one thing hub-in-boots can do, it’s eat. In September, I did some restaurant reviews for a book that was coming out called Hide and seek Sydney. I was asked to review the Concordia Club, a German club in the inner suburbs of Sydney. Hub-in-boots had the pork knuckle. It was bigger than his head. When Manfred, one of the directors, came over to talk to us about the club and it’s history, he was mightily impressed with Hub-in-boots’ eating ability. He sat and chatted for two hours. It was a brilliant night.

Meaty Meat lovers Meaty meat feast: the GIANT pork knuckle at the fabulous Concordia German Club, Tempe.

13 March :glow

Our wedding was a bit d.i.y. We didn’t want to blow a whole lot of cash on one day, and hell, we didn’t have it. It was in a country hall, next to the church, with a caterer, so the room layout was very much up to us. I experimented with centrepieces and decided I wanted to colour florists’ gel, and then used these $2 underwater tea candle lights I bought on ebay to light up the vases. The trials were hilarious (how much dye? How long til the flowers die?). They turned out really well (plus the day before the wedding, squidging about in the gel was a great stress reliever…..).

Glow. The vases at our wedding almost two years ago. Team effort. Photo from Sam Doyle.

Day 14: Design

This is a hard one. If I was out and about, I’d probably put in a favourite building here, but I’m not, so I’ll stick to these four walls.

Design 1:

The vase I fell in love with in Venice, on our honeymoon. We visited it at the shop three times before I decided it needed to come home with us. We’re both total klutzes, and it’s very light as it’s handblown, so it’s a miracle it’s still going, 2 years on. If we break it, we’ll just have to go back to Venice. There is something poetic about handblown glass, like you take a piece of the artist home.

Design 1: vase by F& M Ballarin, Murano, Venice. A honeymoon reminder.

Design 2: a table from hub-in-boots’ house. Love the lines of this. It never looks like this because it’s always covered in magazines…

Designed by me: baby singlets I embroidered this week. dawwwwww.

Day 15: Build

Day 16: Morning

This is the last time I actually got to have a walk around here….yes we’re resorting to archives, but hell, when you’re stuck in a small apartment a photo challenge is a challenge!

day 16: Morning Bedlam Bay in the morning...I love the light here

Day 17: green: the botanical gardens in a storm


day 17: Green. Is it any wonder Sydney is very green this summer?

Day 18: stretch

I tell you what’s a stretch. “Borrowing” a life size statue of the virgin Mary from the props department at the theatre company you work for, and decorating your house with her for Christmas. That’s a stretch. That’s what my old flatmate did last Christmas. I hope he doesn’t go to hell. Mary looked as though she was enjoying the verandah more so than the roof racks of the car she arrived on….

Me, hub in boots, and the Virgin Mary.

Day 19: Numbers

This is the interesting moment before a performance at the Opera House when you wonder if you’ll get the numbers that make for a good review. And what is a performance without an audience? This was Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, with a 500 voice choir from Sydney Philharmonia, something I’ve really missed since all of this started. A hell of a sound. And a hell of a piece of music. O Fortuna is one of those numbers you hear and you never ever forget. Look it up on you tube.

The sydney Opera house, just minutes before the opening number of Carmina Burana, O Fortuna. I love singing!

Day 20



Button: Yep, this was a slow day


 Day 21: Mystery Island Vanuatu, Treat

Day 21: Treat. Oh what a treat. Mystery Island, south pacific.

Day 22: Market 


Now that's what I call a MARKET!

Day 23 : Move. I love being on the move. This is hub-in-boots and I on the road in the Hunter Valley…Mount View Rd to be exact. 



My 81 year old mum hugging a big beer in Hahndorf. It may have been my beer....

Day 25: sparkle

Day 25: Sparkle.



day 26: Drink. Hub in boots in Martini week...

Day 27: You want fresh? i’m still picking the thorns out of my fingers in this one. Blackberries.


day 27: fresh. Blackberries, straight off the vine. Spiky little buggers.


Day 28: Cozy. Us on earth hour. 

Day 28: candlelight is cosy.

Day 29 : cut. Hub-in-boots on the farm up Wollombi, cutting the grass. Slightly mad look. 

Day 29: Cut. hub in boots and cutting the grass at the farm.



day 30: orange. The surprisingly tasty one off the usually dodgy orange tree. Picked 15 seconds earlier. nice.

Day 31: Complete 

Day 31: complete: after four months in hair cut wilderness, today I organised a mobile hairdresser to come over and work his magic. Ahhhhh I feel better.




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  4. Nene Hind

    Love your baby singlets – well done!
    You have become quite domesticated…….have you thought about crocheting? (next challenge)

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