Don’t let it rain on my parade

Well it’s mardi gras in Sydney this weekend . In honour of the event i’d like to wear some nipple tassles whilst on bed rest, but i’m sorry to say i won’t be, they’re too bloody sore. (My body seems to be confused , because the book says nipple cripple is supposed to END with 1st trimester, not start now). I’m going to have to wear padded something whilst knitting, if I bump my boob with the knitting needle one more time. And why oh why is it always the left one, huh?

Here’s to all the gay couples hoping to marry out there. Let’s hope at next year’s mardi gras it IS legal, and there’s some weddings with more style & trashy dancing, and a shitload of gay tourists flying out here to marry in a progressive country. I think it would revitalise the institution of marriage, not to mention give the bridal industry a bit of shake up.

Yet again someone has organised for rain on their parade tonight (half of Sydney is in flood as we speak), but I’ve always found sequins look better when they’re wet. And there’s nothing like the mascara on a bedraggled drag queen. Just don’t slip over, girls. At least not til the after party.

BASTARD the clot has chosen to ignore his deadline and is a little worse for yesterday’s few hours out of the house. Nothing major. I’ll give him til Thursday’s ob visit, then he needs to fuck off. Please. Nicely. You would think he’d realise punctuality is important.

Progress update on the knit one, shit one scarf. Three colours, week 16 and counting.

The Knit one shit one scarf is progressing well. We’re into our third colour, and I’m not sure whether it’s going to be a scarf or a nanna blankie now. It may depend on when I run out of wool / attention span . Per episode of gossip girl, I average about half a dropped stitch, so I seem to be on the improve .

I’m ripping through the twilight books as well. Bella is currently still human at the end of book three, she hasn’t bonked anyone, and the vampires and werewolves finally figured out they needed to cooperate, as I’d been telling them since book 2. Jacob needs to wax if he’s ever gonna get the girl. Just ask those attending mardi gras. (A back sack and crack would do him wonders).

Happy Mardi Gras, peeps. Have a margharita for me.


3 thoughts on “Don’t let it rain on my parade

  1. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I am sitting at home with our nearly 4yr old running around after having too much sugar today (with his poppy) drinking red wine and looking up a recipe for chocolate self saucing pudding. Nary a nipple tassel, chap nor elicit drug in sight. Sigh only chance of slipping over where we are is straight into bed after too much self saucing pudding/red wine.
    And so my little bed ridden friend I say I am thinking of you always and thank you for once again remembering (even amongst your shitty ordeal) that some of us still cant get married. They can take our taxes…but they’ll never accept our commitment!! (flashes pink bits under tartan skirt) actually sounds like Mardi Gras of yore, really. Lol Happy Mardi Gras xxx

    1. Happy mardi gras to you too, my friend. I pretended I was drungry and had a cheeseburger for dinner at 10pm ( the $1 special is over!!!). It would have gone nicely with that self saucing pudding! At least the nice people at ivf are ahead of the curve on gay rights.

      Your little man has two of the best parents ever, and it’s ridiculous in this day and age that you can’t be woman and wife legally, when you so clearly are emotionally. Here’s hoping that changes soon.( And dear, even post red wine, your spelling and grammar shits all over my lovely students’ work…..). Madame honourable professor jojo x

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