Going on strike

I refuse to do any more tests. I refuse to hear any more bad news! In fact, I’d like to go on strike from being pregnant.
I’m over it . There’s complicated, and then there’s just stupid. This has crossed the line into stupid.

Just found out I have gestational diabetes. I would now like to use the rest of this post to swear. A. Lot. My pre pregnancy level? 6.3. Last Friday? 11something. I didn’t hear the something as I was swearing at the time.

I have eaten lentils. I’ve eaten quinoa. I’ve eaten vegetable soups. I’ve steamed. I’ve stir fried, or at least lately other people have on my behalf .

Before pregnancy , I’d worked my ASS OFF to get my blood sugar (with insulin resistance for years) to within normal ranges on a GTT. I’d lost more weight. I exercised.

After pregnancy, I immediately spoke to my endocrinologist. I saw my old dietician . We went through a normal week’s eating. I employed every suggestion she made immediately. I walked almost every day, even on holidays, for 5k’s +. I continued to box, up until 8 weeks when holidays and subsequent clotville and bedrest central hit.

I have done EVERYTHING right. I can count the number of “break outs”, diet wise, on ONE hand.

And instead of a well done certificate for being a model pregnancy citizen, I get the urgent appointment with the endo tomorrow. My dietician just rang and said she’d be next stop, that the endo will send me to her to learn to start blood sugar monitoring etc, so I’m to call in there afterwards & pick up supplies for a phone how-to later in the day. Another outing, another doctor, another complication.

I know it probably isn’t a big deal. I know we’ll manage it, and monitor , and avoid gestational diabetes type complications. But I feel ripped off. And I still want to go on a pregnancy strike. Demanding better conditions, better pay, more joy.



6 thoughts on “Going on strike

  1. Nene Hind

    I have an idea – do everything wrong – start drinking alcohol, eat fried food and lots of chocolate and see if gumby and bastard clot likes that!

    1. Bloody good plan… Sometimes it’s hard to see why I bother! There’s probably a pregnant crack addict down the road living on a fried chicken and beer diet that is totally fine!

  2. I understand what you’re going through, it’s really frustrating. I’m type 1 on insulin pump and when I was pregnant with my son, regardless of doing everything right, my blood sugar would spike. But what can you do other than fix a high blood glucose reading? The hormones of pregnancy makes it even harder to control diabetes! One day you’re fine, and a new day, new trimester, everything goes a-wire! I went from taking 6 units of insulin for breakfast to a whooping 50!!

    Just hang in there, it’s not fun to be pregnant and diabetic, but it’s oh so worth it in the end! You’ll do fine! Keep your head up 🙂

  3. Aw, I’m sad to hear this. I keep hoping with every bit of bad news that it’s all just a sign that you will be blessed with just the most incredible child. I hope I’m right and I am praying that your gumby is THAT child! Swear all you want. But I do hope things get better for you soon!

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