In the immortal words of Bon Jovi

Ooooh we’re halfway there
Oh oh! We’re livin on a prayer

 20 weeks today. It’s a bloody miracle. Well not literally. It’s a miracle.

I have a bump. And since I snuck out yesterday with my sister, lashed out and bought maternity bras, the new boob bump separation is like north and south Korea, heavily patrolled, so you can notice the bump even more. Freaky. I’m still in bump denial . It catches me by surprise when I see it in the mirror, or bump it into inanimate objects. It seems like some kind of joke prop.

I learnt with my early pregnancy reading, NO UNDERWIRES. And the midwife said to definitely sort the bras out by 20 weeks. I knew I needed to shop. I’ve been going to my doctor visits to in a very old worn out bra for its bagginess, as it turns out THREE or FOUR cup sizes too small . Oops. Might chuck that. Didn’t even wear it out of the bra shop!

The maternity / nursing bras have really helped my upper back & shoulder pain already. I can feel my posture improving. And best of all, they don’t actually look like something my mother would wear. Sorry mum.

I hate when you go bra shopping and go “oh that one is lovely!”. You find you’re looking at a 10A, dig around and find it in a 14DD, and go “OH. MY.GOD.” Now we’ve travelled into the land of the FF cup, it could end up more like “What The FFuck is that?”. But these particular garments, to their credit, do not look like an instrument of torture from Stalinist Russia. Thank you, Nocturnal Designs. I love you. Best fitting experience ever. We’ve gone the navy one here, and then a black and white one of these, as well as a sleep bra.

Nevertheless, despite saying they were very pretty, hub-in-boots has threatened to make a yurt out of one, and use the other as a parachute and is making himself laugh with the immortal line from Kaz Cooke’s book Up The Duff: “Hello fatty”. I say immortal, cause he’s a dead man walking if he says it again. I’m pretty sure I’ll find him wearing one bra on his head pretending to be a WW1 pilot in the not too distant future.

Just an ordinary night in at our place

So we’ve made halfway. I went really well with the endocrinologist & dietician, both very happy with how the gestational diabetes is going, and both think my blood glucose control is very good. Early days yet with that, as it tends to get worse as the hormones ramp up after 28 weeks. But i am doing what i can, and I’m still 2kg ish lighter than I was at 8 weeks , and about 1kg lighter than I was pre pregnancy. This could be a concern , but we’ve gone over my food diary together and all the boxes are well and truly ticked for me and gumby, nutritionally, and I’m happy with it. My dietician’s new book The Bump to Baby Diet that a friend sent me is great (thanks Pip!). I’d highly recommend it.  The recipes have been really good. So far I’ve had the homemade burgers, the chicken Udon soup, and the Moroccan Chickpea Tagine with Quinoa. Very satisfying and quick meals.

I’m feeling a lot more relaxed after the dramas early in the week. Totally different headspace. Calm birth again tomorrow ( which, ironically, stresses me out!!!).

Then I think there needs to be some kind of crazy halftime celebration.

What do they do for halftime at the football? In AFL, they let the little tackers on to play Auskick (see hub-in-boots, its your fault I got clucky). In Rugby League, they have scary orange women with fake tan, frightening teeth and pom poms. Pass. Soccer they probably tip beers on their heads and have a riot. Pass. In cricket they have tea. Our half time celebration will probably involving chickpeas, no dancing, no pom poms and no alcohol….mmm. I’m pretty sure someone is supposed to bring out refreshments. And possibly a marching band. I reckon we’ve earned it.

Take it away, Bon Jovi.

Livin' on a Prayer
Livin' on a Prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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