Comedy dressing for kids? Discuss.

I have had my head in John Donne’s poetry all afternoon, helping a friend’s daughter with high school English. You have to love 17th century sleazy pick up lines, and a bloke that picks a fight with the sun for rising when he’s trying to ‘get his end away’. Gumby seemed to prefer the Holy Sonnets, and really got going with the kicks during our discussion on Death be not Proud.

Hub-in-boots eventually arrived home, and conversation inevitably returned to the lower brow. Not because it was hub-in-boots , but because there’s been a storm brewing, an argument, possibly our first parenting related relationship rift:

Is it ok to comedy dress your child?

Now my position on this was immediately clear on the day where, shopping on Next uk online, I picked out the newborn outfits with teddy bear ears on the beanies.

I have others firmly in my camp: my sister Cath and my niece Bec were wildly enthusiastic for the socks with doggy rattles on the toes for the boy who has everything including a fascination with his feet.

I’ve bought a red stripey hat with top knots to rival an English backpacker on a ski field

Looks funnier when ON a baby


 I am only inches away from the stegosaurus hat at Mothercare.

 In the past, I have purchased this t shirt for friends kids:

I have seriously pondered knitting this hat (though I think it may transgress even my limits of decency):

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a “Toddlers in Tiaras” type thing; the sight of a five year old doing a bum slap dance dressed as Daisy Duke makes we want to puke. But I do have the elf outfit already picked out for Christmas day. There will be a rabbit costume next Easter. I have sympathies with big gay Cameron’s photo shoots of Lily in costume on Modern Family.

Then there’s hub-in-boots. Now I want you to remember, we’re talking about a man, who, despite having a large collection of Jeffrey Smart art books and being well read in String Theory, can snort-laugh himself off the couch during an episode of Wipeout USA, possible farting at the same time. Now this man objects to comedy dressing children! Can you believe it? Where did this conservative streak come from? What possible grounds could he have for this sudden seriousness?

How do YOU feel about comedy dressing children/babies? Have you seen any good examples? (ie anywhere I should be doing online shopping?!!). If one parent objects, can you still do it? Is it he who dresses Gumby for the day wins? I’m interested to know what you think.

As a quiet aside, Hub-in-boots may be coming over to the dark side. Yesterday, he emailed me this.

Though I think, for him, this is not comedy dressing. In the maniverse, all matters involving Batman or Spiderman are deadly serious.


5 thoughts on “Comedy dressing for kids? Discuss.

  1. hubinboots

    Indeed it is serious. The batman onesie is rejected as there is no cape or for that matter , mask or bat-erang. What sort of half arsed batman onesie manufacturer are we dealing with here?

  2. Ha ha ha….I laughed out loud at your post. Very funny…maniverse! I see no problem with comedy dressing as long as it in not OTT. One year my cousin dressed her two girls as a butterfly and a…..wait for it….moth! Who dresses their kid up as a moth?

  3. Well, you know, I actually have my own idea for a “comedy” (or maybe not so much “comedy”) baby t-shirt…. a rip-off on the ever-present modern classic “All daddy wanted was a blowjob”….just for us IVF/ICSI moms: “All daddy did was a handjob”.
    So I guess, I’m all for comedy dressing for kids (plus, it’s a way to get out of the all-pink-for-girls conundrum).

    1. So so wrong! Though I do note hub-in-boots favourite conversation with other IVF couples is to compare “rooms” with the other dad! Maybe a “And they weren’t even in the room…” shirt!

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