N n n n normal

Yesterday, we had the ultrasound Dr south Korea ordered. Took mum along for the ride.

No freakin clot. None. Two people looking. Nada.

Big bugger of a gumby (91st percentile for gestational age weighing in at 1011g or 2lb 4oz . Oops).

No problems with the placenta, though the specialist found it has an annexe.

I’ve built a mezzanine level. Although I liked the placenta I had, we needed more space. As the extra piece of placenta, the annexe, is on the right hand side where we kick a lot, I think this is where gumby has set up his pool room. I wonder if I was supposed to lodge a DA with the council for it? (DA =Development Application). On the technicalities the flow etc is fine

I have a cervix that knows when to keep its mouth closed. Sadly, they decided to use the magic wand to find this bit of info out. Ta da! Say hello to my little friend. I’ll leave out the comments about its the most action i’ve seen in months. But it’s long and closed.

Good cervix. Nice cervix. It’s a shame you can’t pat them like a dog.

No cute baby pictures though. His head (with its 24cm circumference) was right under my belly button (which woke me at 3am. Ouch!), facing my spine, his face resting on his arms just like his dad, knees and 4.8cm legs tucked up around his chin ( dad can’t do that). Impossible to see. Apparently, most of what I’ve been feeling is getting kneed in the gut, judging by what he did during the scan.

The ultrasound specialist, let’s call him dr united nations, said both my docs are very good, he knows them both very well. He also said, in the absence of clot land, he doesn’t see why a natural labour couldn’t be attempted. Woah! Let’s just ponder that one for a while.

A freaky thing happened two hours later. MY DOCTOR PHONED ME.

Wtf?? Dr South Korea PHONED ME. I was gobsmacked. I couldn’t speak. Not since the days of the ivf clinic has a doctor actually phoned. He relayed the report contents…. All good . Then he said a weird thing:

“you’re normal. Really, after this scan, you’re normal. ”

I’m what?

“But still, don’t do anymore than you’re doing. Let’s play it safe, you’ve come this far. Don’t do anymore. But it’s a great outcome. Absolutely nothing to worry about. Of course, you’re having a big baby, but you knew that.”

I’m normal. Normal. I’m just a pregnant chick, 25 weeks 5 days. A pregnant chick, hanging around waiting patiently for a normal baby.

P.S. the people have spoken on the obstetrician, 94% voting for a move to South Korea. We’ll keep you posted.


9 thoughts on “N n n n normal

  1. Nene Hind

    Hallehluya you are just like the rest of us now……sp pleased that bastartd clot has vanished and you can attempt a natural birth…..but be ready for a C section just in case cause it is very very tiring for you and bub – love ya blog

  2. Yay for the great news! Double yay for “being normal”!
    And finally a doc with good “bedside manners” – that’s so rare all over the world. Seems like this is a skill that especially highly specialized docs (like North Korea) seem to be lacking (haven’t made the experience yet, but I’ve hurt some stories from my boss and others).

    1. Yes, it seems the more specialised they are, the more removed from humanity they are! I nearly fell over when he rang… Sounded so stupid on the phone as I was gobsmacked!

  3. Congratulations on entering the land of normality!!! 🙂 That is just fantastic, so soo happy for you!! It must be hard to believe though. I voted the other day for switching to Dr South Korea and now I would vote for him even more!! 🙂

    1. Yes, think he deserves a few extra votes for the phone call… In fact, that call may just about get me over the line to switch. Hope you’re going well and the uk is treating you well. X

      1. The UK is treating me to a bit of adjustment shock I think… or something along those lines. There has just been too much change and too much to deal with, take in and get used to. And being pregnant really doesn’t seem to make it easier to cope with difficult life situations. But I’m trying to focus on the positive and what’s important – our baby boy making an appearance in a few month time!!:-)

  4. Hooray! Reading this over my morning bowl of oatmeal makes me burst with happiness. THIS just made my day! I know North Korea is sort of a butt to work with, but he did an amazing job managing your care. That said, a personal phone call from South Korea is unheard of. I think these two doctors are missing a goldmine opportunity – they should start their own clinic 🙂

    1. Yeah, one could manage all the total no hope cases, and the other could be his stand in personality!! I know, it’s hard to switch when I KNOW in many other hands we would have been mourning right now, not waiting to meet our baby. But maybe it’s one of those different reasons for different seasons things, and I’ve just got to go with it. It’s nice to be a good news story for a change !!!!! And belle, if I can make it through with the odds that I had, ANYONE can. 🙂

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