I’m dairy scary

Gumby’s been getting hungrier & hungrier. It’s a tricky thing to balance the small regular meals & snacks required for gestational diabetes with a Gumby driven appetite, the new requirements of low low iron, heartburn, and general pregnancy eating rules. Sometimes it is like standing on a see saw.

And now? I’m dairy scary.

I’ve had this before quite a bit during pregnancy, but I seriously cannot get enough milk, yoghurt, cheese, and, weirdly, peanut butter.

Today I kicked off with a giant berry skim milk smoothie. After my walk and coffee I’ve downed some low fat Greek yoghurt, Parmesan cheese, and a slab of seeded sourdough with peanut butter. And half a nana. And I have a feeling there’s more dairy in my immediate future.

Luckily with my absolutely mental levels of nesting / cleaning / washing baby things / rearranging cupboards brought on by the current burst of Sydney winter sunshine, the higher levels of movement are keeping my blood sugar way way down. Often on the low side. Yesterday I nearly worked myself into a coma. Today I’d still like to vacuum, re-sort the pantry, and fix up all the messy bookshelves… But I am trying to convince myself to just sit for a few hours, maybe go mad and watch a DVD. I can’t seem to stop!

Gumby was freaky this morning. There was this giant distorted lump next to my belly button (which at 31 weeks is still in…just), which felt like a leg or foot or knee. He moved 10 times in a minute. There was no WAY he was letting me get more sleep.

This lack of sleep was aided by low flying helicopters. There was a death in our street on Friday. I was home. It was less than 100 m away. I thought it was simply a sad case of an older lady with health issues, but actually the police presence three doors down has got bigger and bigger as the days progressed. Giant white Forensic vans, six black public order and riot squad vans. Police interviewing relatives on camera. Street cordoned off with police tape.

Today, news helicopters, tv crews, evidence bags, police divers looking for murder weapons. The police have finally left tonight. Apparently it was a murder of a 65 year old indian lady. Her husband is a surgeon. We met them at Christmas at our street party.

I caught up with my previous partner & friend for coffee yesterday, who grew up here and actually lived by their house. He knows their son, and even had sleepovers there as a young kid. . In one if the smallest quietest suburbs in sydney ( or, as the reporter said, this exclusive harbourside enclave! Ha!), we were the lead story on the six o’clock news on two channels, and the helicopters filmed as I hung out baby blankets in the sun. I waved.

Normally the biggest thing that happens around here is someone forgetting to put the bins out. It is very strange, though i don’t feel nervous or unsafe. I will keep you posted as it develops. Link to story here.

But enough murder and intrigue, back to me and my quiet little calcium obsession. I STILL haven’t put on any weight. For a couple of weeks I go up, then I walk more and drop a lot, always ending up hovering around or just under my pre pregnancy weight. And Gumby, the heifer, is already 2.1kg (4lb 10 oz). He’s a big boy, but he’s in proportion. ( A disproportionate abdomen can spell trouble if mum has gestational diabetes).

Dr North Korea was great again last Thursday (for him!). He took the amazing levels of heartburn really seriously, and what he suggested (xantac & slippery elm powder) has been like a miracle ever since. Gumby was still fully engaged, deep in my pelvis (hence the all night pee-a-thons, the pressing out on my navel, the hip spasms and low down horrid head butts).

And in the meantime, this hungry hungry hippo hasn’t had much of an expansion in the bump stakes, because Gumby is hanging upside down, down low like a bat (seriously, how do you hang out for weeks at a time with blood rushing to your head?).

30 weeks
bump shot while hub in boots makes the bed!
31 weeks

I’m quite happy for him to stay there… If he could just cease and desist from the head butting thing.

I have followed up the cow product morning with a chicken baby spinach avo sandwich, an orange, and this evening thanks to big bro’s market visit a big hunk of Bambi. Poor Bambi…apparently venison is high in iron. This was accompanied by pasta, kale, carrots, capsicum, zucchini and my pesto. Yum.

Excuse me, I think I hear a giant piece of cheese and a glass of milk calling me.

Oh and the cops.


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