Bambi cops it

Bambi has copped it in the neck again. I’m loading up on the venison and vitamin c veg for tea. Hub-in-boots is at footy til very late (he’s the video ref again), and I’m racking up the girly DVDs, pulling up my nana blanket, curling up & kicking back.

I’ve hit the third trimester wall. After a doing day on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (hour long walks, hovering around murder investigations, baby washing marathons, vacuuming, freaky nesting weirdness) Wednesday arvo I hit the wall. And I can’t get back.

At about 11:30am every day, I get so tired I am not sure if I can make it back to the car, or to the couch. I feel like i may pass out, like I’m not getting any food. It’s not sticking. I seem to sleep ok ( mostly), but during each afternoon all I can think about is bed or couch.

I haven’t been for a walk for several days. I just don’t have any energy. The weirdness that I think is a braxton hicks contraction can come very regularly, I think I’ve had six in the past 90 minutes. My whole belly tightens and sticks out more, like a basketball. It starts in the middle and spreads outwards. It is a low hollow tight feeling, It makes me feel slightly nauseous. I explained it to hub-in-boots as the feeling five minutes after someone punches you with all their might in the stomach, like the aftermath of being winded. When it ends, the feeling gradually releases, til my stomach just feels soft and normal again. Truth be known, now I have finally realised this feeling is a contraction, they make me a bit nervous.

I rang the midwife at my ob this afternoon, simply because I feel wrong. It is really hard to describe what’s wrong, but it’s kind of like being in a car, pushing down on the accelerator pedal, but it goes flat to the floor and nothing happens. How I feel seems quite out of my control, and unpredictable. Like a body of muscle & fat without a skeleton. Gumby is moving fine, as far as I can tell. The midwife thinks the energy is related to my low iron levels, & a possible baby growth spurt. To be sure, they’ve moved my appointment from next Friday to this coming Monday, & will give me a thorough going over.

I think I had started to expect a bit much of my body, doing a bit too much, and I need to revise my expectations a bit. Being out both days last weekend, then getting housework busy in the week, just wiped me out.

We’re 32 weeks tomorrow, the point at which I can actually give birth at the Mater hospital. A big milestone for us, and for gumby I believe, in terms of lung development etc. One part of my head is crystal clear that this is all happening, and soon; the other part of my head still doesn’t even believe we’re reliably pregnant, or expect any outcome at all.

Next weekend is Gumby’s happy hour shower. It should be fun. I hope nothing happens before then.

Today I booked in to the hospital’s breast feeding class that patients can attend prior to the birth. I’m doing it in three weeks.

There’s a lot of other shit in our lives at present, things I need to get sorted prior to gumby’s arrival, and I have no brain space or focus for anything. I just don’t care. I cannot hold any other non baby related tasks or thoughts in my head for more than a few minutes. It’s like I don’t even have a brain. I am just this ball of forward momentum, and my head will only pay heed to things that move me to that date/event. I’m totally blinkered, and god help you if you get in my way. I have had a short temper a couple of times this week, and poor hub-in-boots has been on the receiving end of veins-in-neck-popping-up shouty madness. Not at all like me really. Odd.

I’ve decided if anything much changes in the next 24-48 hours I’ll ring the hospital & chat to them. There’s nothing exactly wrong, but something I can’t quite put my finger on has changed in the pregnancy, and it’s unsettling. I expect we’ve just moved on, stepped up in hormone levels, stepped down in iron, and maybe in a few days I’ll find a new, slightly bulgier equilibrium, before we hit the pregnancy home strait.


3 thoughts on “Bambi cops it

  1. Honey – not unusual to feel as though a zombie has sucked all the life out of your body and left you as a puddle of skin slipping around on the floor in 3rd trimester. Its similar to that ‘oh god someone spiked my drink with heroin feeling’ that you have in 1st trimester. The fact is, much like the people in Alien you have a thing growing inside you. It sucks your energy and its the universes way of saying ‘slow the fuck down’ because you are going to need it for when the Alien explodes out of your chest…look out arghhhh. Oops I mean when you give birth.
    I say SLEEP if Gumby wants sleep and dont beat yourself up for it. I also say eat Mexican or cheesecake if thats what Gumby wants (but hey I get that there is the whole diabetes embargo on such shennanigans) This is the last time you can lay around and just lay. Having a house that isnt vacuumed or baby clothes that havent been lovingly hand washed and sunshine dried is actually not reportable to DOCS…trust me.
    As for the brain stuff – please refer to previous zombie comment and think of your mum who probably still refers to you, your sister, your brother and the dog by all of your names like she’s running through a facial verification check list.

    1. So you’ve met mum then? “Cathy, Peter, Paul, I mean Jo “. You’re so right about the zombies and the puddle on the floor feeling … Thank goodness the extra iron is kicking in.

  2. Gah, sorry to hear you’re feeling so crappy. I hope it’s mostly lowered iron levels, and that Monday’s appointment brings only good news. Until you do feel better: don’t be too hard on yourself and take it easy!
    And enjoy that venison! Yummy!

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