Me, you, and everyone we know

What a day! What a huge day!

Today was Gumby’s happy hour. A gathering at the local pub to celebrate the baby that is on the way, and what a little miracle he is, given all that we have faced.

We started the day with tea and porridge in bed, totally looking forward to the day but ever so slightly dazed from staying up until 2am the night before in a combined post afl footy game come down,/ first night of the tour de France / favourite cousin in surprise last minute visit from Melbourne fest. Naturally, after picking her up at the airport, there was about six hours of talking to be done. Oops.

After I had my hair blow dried (oh mobile hairdresser, bless your cotton socks for suggesting this, and then coming earlier than arranged), we headed up to the pub to decorate. 100 helium balloons, swirly dingle dangles, Antonias famous bunting ( hear that Bec ? BUNTING. Bec hates the word bunting. She thinks her mother made it up. So I had to get some so we could say bunting a lot). Finally finished off with strings of gumby’s little clothes pegged across the windows. Juliet and Sarah, the invading melbournites, took care of the fiddly bits, while hub in boots and I went all helium cylinder on those balloons’ ass. The event chick at the pub rustled up a miraculous 100 ‘spare’ Blue and silver helium balloons from the previous night’s function, we added another 100, and I have to say this was starting to look like a PARTY!!!

Hub-in-boots had worked hard on a fairly tongue in cheek playlist, featuring such labour inducing greats such as “push it” (salt n pepa), “under pressure” ( Bowie ), “the drugs don’t work”, then moving on to “highway to hell”, “the boys light up”, “yo mama ”
(butterfingers, rude, thank god the mum’s didn’t hear it), “take your mama out” (scissor sisters), ” punk mum” (regurgitator), etc. Sadly the conversations were so loud it just faded into the background, but I’m sure in the lighter moments of labour we’ll roll it out.

A quick change at home & cake collection later, back to the venue, and the guests were rolling in.

1. We invited too many people. We wanted an all in brawl… But failed to keep tabs of an invite list. We planned 30-40. It was huge. About 70 plus kids. Maybe 10 kids.

2. I felt bad because the combined effect of baby brain, too many people and being a sober person surrounded by drinkers, meant I did not finish a conversation with anyone , or thank anyone appropriately for their lovely gifts, or feel like I got around the room anywhere near as much as I’d have liked. I actually forgot to sit down until about two hours in.

3. We had a ball. And if you were there, and wondering why you came when you didn’t get to chat to us, thank you for coming. I am glad that YOU came. It was like a room full of big, warm, hug. I appreciated you being there. Really truly.

We asked for a get together, not gifts. If the invitee was a ‘oh but I have to get you something, then it became a bring your favourite childhood book for gumby thing. No stupid games, no girls only weirdness, awesome cupcakes and cakes, booze, finger food. Civilised. Family, friends, workmates, support crew.

The function was supposed to end at 5, it was more like 6pm, and then we hung around and had a slow sit, drink, and dinner at the pub. Nice. The staff were great, the finger food was great, the cupcakes impressively awesome.

awww cupcakes

Our budget meant we ordered pretty light on, but it seemed like everyone got a nibble and the tab seemed to last for so long! It’s amazing how far a drinks budget cab stretch when I’m not on the red wine!!!!

The only ‘game’ was a what’s in a name vote, allowing our guests to vote for short listed baby names. Some serious, some not so much. The scrutineers Nicole, Dave, Ellie and Tia were strict during the counting, and the results were:

What’s in a name?


Angus     8 votesŽ

Hamish 5 votes

Ž             Finley      5 votes

Ž             Jensen      5 votes

Ž             Oscar     4 votes

Ž             Jethro     4 votes

Ž             Oliver     3 votes

Ž             Gumby     (!!!) 3 votes

Ž             Ignatius     (Iggy) 1 vote

Ž             Grover     (!) 1 vote

Ž             Evan     1 vote

Ž             Other:

Hindy, Fred, Reginald, Milo, Lewis, Carl Heinrich, Plugger, Erik,Barry, Bruce,     Rover,Englebert, Parsley Cereal, Atticus, Hennessy Sterling

Judges reserve the right to ignore your suggestions and/or change his name by deed poll several times.

Of course we reserved the right to completely ignore the election results. It’s kind of like an Egyptian democracy around here…..

Like these things always are, it was a total blur. A whirlwind, I’ve been sitting on the loungeroom floor for 3 hours since the party, surrounded by the gorgeous wrapping, cards and ‘no gifts’ we requested, madly trying to identify a few UFP’s (Unidentified Flying Presents). Mysteriously, giraffes featured heavily. Here’s one of our mystery items here:

Unidentified Flying Present: do you know this giraffe?

Party preparations…And Check out some of these beauties!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think we had our whole village there today. And there’s more of our village out there in blog land too. Thank you all for walking beside us, pushing us uphill, following us, feeding us, and finally, celebrating with us. 33 weeks and counting. And kicking.

I am buggered. Tired and wired and can’t sleep a wink, with a 6am run to the airport to follow, to deliver the fave cousin back home.

Best. Baby. Shower. Ever.


5 thoughts on “Me, you, and everyone we know

  1. Looks like you got a ton of great books! What is the name of the book with the car and track? MUST HAVE THAT!

    I just love getting books for Matthew! When people asked what he wanted for his birthday, I always said, “Books, please!”

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