Thunderbirds are go

posted a little later so as not to freak people out ahead of time

Update: 3:05am

The waves / contractions whatever they are were sitting at about 7 min 30 before I went to bed at 11. They woke me at 1, and I squirmed my way through a few before deciding to ring the hospital. They hurt & had enormous inescapable pressure around my hips and back, but weirdly not in a bad way.

The two midwives I spoke to when i rang the hospital were pretty dismissive. I am not sure how clearly I communicated things, and the “it’s been going for 24 hrs thing” seemed to lead them down dismissal highway. They both had their “first time mum sceptic” voices on. I even got the take two panadeine & call me in an hour. Oh lady, if you knew me, you’d realise I would not call if I didn’t think this was the real deal. Am I supposed to wail in pain on the phone? The last two panadeine in the house were like smarties, they were that effective. Then she says ‘and you dont have any complications, right?’. Ummm do you HAVE files there ?

Hub in boots is fast asleep, and I’m ensconced on the couch in a nana blanket in front of the Olympic gymnastics on tele. I am happy to leave him there for the moment. No need us both being exhausted.

I figure I’ll grin and bear it til daylight if I can, maybe call bitchy midwife back in another hour and try my bestest not to swear at her. I mean, how do you respond when someone says ‘it doesn’t sound that painful ‘? Why does it have to sound painful. I’m a QUIET painful person, when it’s full on!!! My other favourite line was “oh you’ve probably just got an irritable uterus”. Hmm. Ok. That sounds like an appropriate medical term.( I’ll give you irritable lady, when I give birth in your freaking foyer! But I kept these thoughts quietly to myself and gumby).

If it gets any worse, I’ll just tell her I’m off to a public hospital where they HAVE to see me, &. They can stick their private up their privates!. She made me a little cranky, as it took a lot of nous and weighing up for me to decide it was time to call. I have a morbid fear of being a drama queen to medicos. I’m trying to go back though, to my calm centre. She asked me was the baby moving ok, and he wasn’t, but he its clear he has been since I concentrated on it. It was good to be reminded to pay attention to it, and to remember whats what’s important now. That, and the fact that shift change should be at 6am. That’s now two hours away. I can make that.

5am update

tmi warning

A show, and not one involving spirit fingers & tap shoes (just think jazz hands, Bec).

Ladies & gentlemen, i think we are in / about to be in spontaneous good old fashioned LABOUR! Ready? You bet your little cotton socks i am. Let’s get this SHOW on the road!!!!

Update 1pm
Waters broke and broke and broke 10:30 while face timing w cousin. At hospital. Lots of action very short time.


5 thoughts on “Thunderbirds are go

  1. Nene Hind

    Kenny and I are bearing down with you…..not long to go now till Gumby arrives. We can’t wait to meet him love Team Hind

  2. Jacquie

    Oh wow sounds like it’s all systems go! Thinking of you all and wishing you a speedy and smooth labour and looking forward to seeing the pics of Gumby xxxxx

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