We made a person!

Big day today.

37.5 weeks,
3.125kg (6lb 14)
Pre labour:29 hours of watching Olympics , nesting & couch sitting

Actual labour:4.5 hrs flat, 3.5 in a wild roller coaster ride in hospital. The doctor didn’t make it!

Gas only. A few stitches. Madness.

Birth story later.





29 thoughts on “We made a person!

      1. Thanks for the thoughts! You should actually be thinking only of your baby right now ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope things are going well!! I can imagine it must be both overwhelming and amazing. Nothing happening here at the moment, they couldn’t do the sweep at 38 weeks because my body was not ready at all, i.e. cervix too high and closed. Next attempt will be the 14th Aug, but I guess they are not counting on it because I’m booked in for induction on my due date 17th Aug.

  1. K.Smitty

    OH yay!!! Congrats! When you posted about your pre-labor I had a feeling it would be soon, but that was fast! Oh I am so happy for you, and am glad Gumby is finally here!

    1. mate, we were the 12 items or less express checkout at the labour supermarket. Mental. I was in shock for hours. Birth story to follow and a gazillion pics soon.

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I don’t feel like the word “Congratulations” sums up the journey you’ve been through to get here, or how happy we all are for you, but they’re may not actually be a sufficient word for that, so CONGRATULATIONS! He is beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. yay! yes someone suggested congratu-fucking-lations may be more useful, but probably not kid friendly…..he is getting cuter every day….more to follow soon…

    1. Thank you. If you ever wonder, It IS WORTH IT. It’s also hard bloody work at the other end! But fun. Good luck with your little miracle. Big fat ole birth story to follow. Soon. Ish.

  3. afictionhabit

    Fabulous news! Well done, an amazing achievement all round and a wonderful story. Second baby to arrive today, my friend in France had her little boy today too. Welcome to little “Boris”!!! Enjoy!

  4. Oh my God, he’s early! And BEAUTIFUL (really, not just like a thing you say to people, this kid is for real). You guys make a beautiful happy family, I’m actually a bit teary looking at these pics! A thousand million CONGRATULATIONS to you both and welcome little gumby ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. thank you thank you! i told him to come early. I had no intention of being induced. Yay us. Birth story and bucketloads of pics to follow. If I could just grab some time in between feeds!!!! LOVING being at home at last.

  5. Congratulations! Have been TTC myself for last 3 years and following your blog for about a year. Im an Aussie living in Ireland with my Irish husband so many of your references to twisties etc. have made me smile! So pleased for your new family! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you…..so delighted to have made it and have so many nice people along for the ride. I hope your miracle turn comes soon….believe me when I tell you if you can do it, it is worth EVERYTHING. Birth story and pics to follow…though it may take me DAYS!

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