You’d get less for murder

Today is five years since my lovely hub-in-boots and I first met, on a blind date, on August 25th 2007. He arrived at my house like an over excited puppy dog (yes I broke all blind date rules and gave him my address, he was so nice on the phone), galloping around the old terrace looking at the lead light windows and old school pull cord lights and pressed metal ceilings.

He popped me into his bright blue convertible, aka the smurfmobile, and off we went to the three weeds in Rozelle. Where we forgot to have dinner, drank a bottle of wine, talked like we’d known each other our whole lives, and, little did we know at the time, start a life together. We never looked back from that first date. It was on from the get go.

A few hours later we were on my couch shouting at the tele as Justin timberlake was on rage, snuffling the various cheese platter remnants in place of the missed dinner, drinking more, and talking all night.

He is a very special man. Kind, empathic, caring, sensitive new age but still TOTAL bloke, thoughtful, a great communicator (for a man), committed, as loyal as the fiercest guard dog, goofy, funny, lighthearted, mad, fun to be around, very intelligent (but in an off beat Stewie way), hardworking, brilliant. I am so so blessed to have him in my life.

Never has this been clearer than the last three weeks. A new baby stretches the stitches on a relationship, pressure tests the seams, til one or both of you might fray at the edges or come undone. It is like having an alien visiting , an all encompassing alien that sucks the time out of each day into nothing, that generates an unbelievable volume of laundry, and noise, and stress, and special moments, and love. And hub-in-boots has been on his A game. Sensing me being overwhelmed by the demands of feeding, he has washed, cooked, cleaned, fetched and carried from dawn til dusk. He has burped, changed nappies, wrapped, settled, like it was the most important job in the world… Which at the time, it often is. He is relentless.

Last night, the j-man almost cracked dad’s calm exterior. He almost broke the endless reserves of calm with hours and hours of crying and not settling. And today, dad’s looking a bit worse for wear. ( It’s nice not to be the crappest one in the house for once!!!).

There are myriad joys to new family life and so much to tell you about Jensen and his first few amazing weeks.and I’ll get to it, if I get a minute where I’m not asleep or having a boob in someone’s mouth.

But today’s post belongs to daddy. To hub-in-boots, who has changed, and made, my life. I am so so lucky that “lord bucket head ” found “just not cricket” on the Internet dating site. So lucky that this life of ours, starting kinda late in life, could be conjured out of nothing to weave a beautiful unique existence that lets us both be, for each other, the best possible version of ourselves. So amazed, that today, five years from when we first met, we are married, we have a very special boy in the J man, and a life together.

And hub-in-boots, it WILL be a life again soon, not just one stretch of sleepless blur. It’s life stew, but not as we know it, but not as we know it.

Happy “anniversary”.


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