The exorcist

The J- man has a new skill: projectile vomiting.

I am not talking a little sick up here… I’m talking “who turned the fire hose on?”, and “how did he get THAT wet, its three feet away?”.

It was totally like the Exorcist, it literally sprayed in a single direct stream all over me. Only he drifted off into a deep sleep immediately afterwards. Whilst we changed him (fourth wardrobe change in 12 hours thanks to peeing up his back skills), his bed, our bed, me , his wrap, the outside of the bassinet, the carpet ….

Ah, with the heart attack inducing sound of your one month old being forcefully ill at 6:20am, who needs an alarm clock? We both sprung out of bed like we’d been set on fire, the noise got us moving that fast. I grabbed the baby and got him upright & made sure he wasn’t choking, hub-in-boots went bolting for nappies & towels to mop up the chaos.

I’m going to sleep now.


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