Calendar boy

We’re thinking of doing a calendar, mum and I. Here’s september:


And maybe December?


And to me, this one says June.


Mum always hated February in London, maybe this could be February??


Dad wants to get a look in too, so here’s November. Resting up before the party season?


I’m sure it will sell well. Oh and here’s our YouTube vid. Mum and I are planning on going viral, the excitement level is mad in this little number. Better than the x factor. Wait til we start dancing.

Jensen chats on YouTube


4 thoughts on “Calendar boy

  1. Aww! You wouldn’t believe the reaction that video got in this house. I don’t think I got it across to Abby that the baby is too far away for her to hold, even farther than Grammy. Then she had a meltdown because it was over. Jensen has a fan!

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