The Monday snapshot: elf yourself

The weekend saw our first family road trip to Canberra, about 3 hours south. The jman turns out to be a great traveller, with only one stop down and a straight run back home, very little whinging and one chilled out little dude in the car.


As this was a pre Xmas Xmas, complete with turducken, the Jman broke out the Xmas comedy dressing for the fam. Hilarious. I’ve previously discussed our differing opinions on comedy dressing, but I think we won daddy/ hub-in-boots over, in the end.

Please note, I am only responsible for the elfing. The Santa -ing was a combo of a present from uncle peter, and a madonna like wardrobe change courtesy of cousin Bec. He seriously looks impressed with himself, don’t you think? It’s only in the past week he’s discovered mirrors. Sure to be a lifelong devotion, methinks.



Grandma bought him a music box that plays jingle bells, and the snow whirls around when the music plays. Grandma is well known for being obsessed with xmas. The jman is pretty damn impressed with his first music box. This pose lasted for about half an hour.


It was great to get a fore taste of Xmas with a baby on board…it changes things, or maybe makes us remember things… For example the value of a house full of babysitters and a couple of expressed feeds! Hello, Pinot, my old friend!

I get a feeling from his weekend performance, the jman will be like dad, an introverted extrovert, who starts off quiet til he’s sure of himself, then just loves being the centre of the party. It was great having everyone together on a happier occasion than the last time.

And finally, a word from the Jman about the weekend. It seems in the midst of a very loud family he realised he’d better find his voice, and fast!


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