Monday snapshot: Today’s the day

Today’s the day that jman’s life started, in a little petri dish, on the first floor of a nondescript building in Greenwich. Today’s the day, a year ago, that the scientists rang me to say we had 12 eggs fertilised in our second ivf attempt (three embryos made it to day 5).

It is a strange feeling to look at him, laying here attacking his owl on his playmat, and think that a year ago today he was one cell, thinking of becoming two, thinking of being a hatching blastocyst in 5 days, thinking of joining me on the 30th. After all we’ve been through. It’s amazing.

I should have taken his photo, in that petri dish on the camera on day 5, but for the Monday snapshot you can make do with these:



9 thoughts on “Monday snapshot: Today’s the day

  1. Nene Hind

    Hi there Sekerman Family! Yes it is a miracle but then all babies are their own little miracles. Your little jman is soooo handsome, gonna be a heart breaker!

  2. This is one adorable miracle! It astounds me to think of the journey these IVF babes take from the very beginning. I can’t wait till the Chicken is old enough for me to tell him or her how he or she came to be!

    1. That future conversation freaks me out! I’m sure there’s “where did I come from” books out there for our little scientific kiddies like they used to write for kids who were adopted. (Maybe ill write one! Ha!).

      It’s hard when I sit around in a mums’ group, with people gong “oh yeah, she was a total accident”, and I’m thinking, “lady, if you only knew what I went through….” and “what I wouldn’t GIVE for an ACCIDENT!!!” 🙂

  3. “one cell, thinking of becoming two…”

    These “one year ago” posts always just kill me! It’s all just so AMAZING. He is such a handsome little gentleman… and I can see where he gets it! 🙂

    1. At least there’s some benefit to ridiculously scientific pregnancies…the stark contrast to now and the way we know just what happened when and how the “magic” started…I’ll never forget the sight of his little blastocyst self on the big TV screen, and I just FELT he’d be the one !

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