Remedial laugh school

The jman has started laughing. His first attempts were about four weeks ago at about 3 months old. At this stage, it was like he’d read about laughing, but had never heard how it actually went down.

“Ha. Ha. Haaaaaaa!” He’d enunciate, clearly.”Ha.”

In truth, it lacked the spontaneous merriment that goes with a good belly laugh. His laughs were reflected on, pondered, planned, considered and pronounced. I love that he “ha ha ha’d”. They were hilarious. Then they stopped.

Babies are weird how they go mad on a skill for a few days and then it disappears. He’s been a bit like that with his mad few days of rolling over.

“Tick. Rolling over in both directions done. Move along. Nothing to see here.”

The new version of jman laughter is brilliant. It started yesterday, thus far witnessed by three people, not including dad.

I haven’t yet captured it on video, mainly because when it happens I am crying with laughter and clutching my sides, tears running down my cheeks. It is a snigger. Like Muttley. Like an old school flasher in an overcoat. If you wrote it, you’d have to spell it “Hnnn hnn hnnnh”. And the more I laugh, the more he looks at me and “Hnnn hnn hnnnh”s. He also gets this goofy look on his face when he does it. And pulls his chin(s) in.

My stomach hurts.

Video to follow.

If he keeps this up, we’re going to have to send him to remedial laugh therapy, so he learns to laugh a little less like a hyena and a little more like a real boy.

I’m hoping he tries out a good snort laugh soon. I LOVE a snort laugh. In the meantime, he can “Hnnn hnn hnnnh” til the cows come home. I’ll just make sure I buy more tissues and hang on to my splitting sides.


4 thoughts on “Remedial laugh school

  1. hehe looking forward to seeing this adorable laugh on video!! Baby laughs of all kinds are just the best and I could listen to them all day long. Alidia still doesn’t really crack up all that often, just lots of giggles, but when she really goes for it, it kills me!!! 🙂

  2. Peter Ross

    He’s pulling skills like a race driver learns a new track, one corner at a time. Once it’s bagged, next corner and don’t bother stressing too much about the one you’ve just nailed, it’ll be right when it’s needed. I reckon Stu is to blame.

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