The Monday snapshot : welcome to summer, jman

What better way to kick off the New Year than with a first swim.

Jman’s first swim was in a local pool at a balmy 31 degrees c in the water. Photos still on camera and lazy mother can’t be bothered getting cable/ pc/ transferring…..

When this went better than expected, we decided, on Saturday, it was time for a first ocean dip. The water at our favourite spot, wylies baths, was a pleasant 21 degrees c. Outside was warm, but we waited til 4pm to take him in. For non Sydneysiders, wylies is south of Coogee beach and Bondi beach. There were a few bluebottles about, but the baths were still and crystal clear, you could see all the way to the bottom, and I picked a spot where daddy could stinger watch from the side.

He was fascinated by the waves, having seen them at our place in much tamer form, the jman was looking every which way at the noise and activity, the other kids, the sunbathers. We set him up in a lovely shady spot, daddy got him ready, and it was on.

He looked a bit puzzled, but pleasantly so, and there were no tears, at least not until I tried to put his clothes back on! A few giggles crept in as i bounced and splashed him about. I was very surprised at how well he took to “the big bath”.

(And apparently, it’s happy blogoversary to me! Two years! More on this to follow whilst I soak up mums air con during tomorrow’s heat wave).

So, yep. First swim = memorable moment for Monday. Bring on the water baby!








7 thoughts on “The Monday snapshot : welcome to summer, jman

  1. I’m wanting for snow and you’re in the water. I love it! Great pictures! I love the silhouette picture best, though the towel picture isn’t too far behind in my favorites! Happy New Year!

    1. And to think he was in the bottom 25% size at birth! We’ve skipped quite a few graphs since then…I’ll post a leg rolls photo just you soon, they’re getting ridiculous.

  2. Nene Hind

    Obviously he’s going to be an Olympic swimming champion! Hey you guys make beautiful babies, he is just gorgeous. Love the towel pic… handsome!

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