The Monday (Tuesday) snapshot : true love edition

So I’m running late again, with my Monday snapshot. But there’s a very good reason for that.

Last week was our third wedding anniversary. THREE YEARS! Crazy talk.

The day before, I had no present, no card, no car (hub-in-boots needed my vehicle after an incident involving a tow truck) and no idea.

I googled anniversary ideas (no, not original) and this came up:


A present for every hour. So at 8:03, hub-in-boots had a pressie saying “thanks for bringing home the …”. It was a gift wrapped bacon sandwich. Weird, but bacon is his favourite. Thing. Ever.

At 9:03: “I thought we’d lose the ….off our backs”. And inside, a new shirt.

The rest were mainly scooby snacks for work, but at 12:03 he got: “I asked Jensen to say CHEESE for your birthday. He thought I was NUTS.” and this pic:

Very cute.

At 4:03, he got an email with a picture of 21 Italians, as we were off to a restaurant called Ventuno.

What he didn’t realise, is that we were going by :

Water taxi! We have a jetty at our place, and we’ve always talked about getting a water taxi somewhere, but in three years we never have. After a big “can I be bothered” then a “i shouldn’t spend the money”, my friend Sim told me you only live once, just pull my finger out and do it. So I did.


We had champagne (from 5:03, you still make me feel bubbly inside!), and took our glasses, and the pram (!!!) down to the jetty.






And why is my post late? Food poisoning (from a party, not our anniversary dinner!). And let me tell you, true love is not water taxis on sydney harbour, it is holding your wife’s hair back while she hurls. And hurls. And hurls….

Oh, the places you’ll go.

Today would have been the second birthday of a precious little man called Sullivan Darcy Kippax. He was born to two lovely friends of mine in 2011. We had very similar periods of bedrest in pregnancy, for different reasons, with different outcomes. Sully only lived for a few short days.

Today, Sully would have been a big brother to Darcy, born in 2012,, and a little brother to Kev, and nothing can ever replace him, or heal that over. Time, and new family additions, just makes it more familiar to sit beside, but not easier.

His mums ask in his memory today that you read Oh! The places you’ll go! By Dr Seuss to someone you love. Many are sending them their photos, sharing this story with their partner, kids, dogs, cats…. Or you can watch the YouTube clip from burning man festival here.

If you email the photos of you sharing this book, clip or app to, I’d be honoured to pass them on to Sully’s mums in his memory.

Let’s take little Sully lots and lots of places today. Share this if you can.

The Monday snapshot(s): mirror mirror


We are loving the mirror right now. And just for kicks, here’s another snapshot from this week with the new train blocks:


Oh, and here’s me as a baby, versus the Jman now. Talk about mirrors. Scary huh? (Guess there were no mix ups in the lab!)


And this is a nice one, apart from the grey hairs he’s given me.


It’s been a backyard sitting kind of a week.


Mother of invention # 11: the DGAFF circuit

The kids home shopping network is back; bigger and better than ever. This week on the kids home shopping network: the DGAFF circuit.

Now, the problem when you have a child, is that you cease to “give a f#%#” about things that should matter : your job, your finances, your own appearance, to some extent your friends, having a life as an individual, having a relationship with your partner outside of parenthood.

Then, there are other things you just can’t turn off. You give a f#%^ about housework like you never have before. You worry about balanced diets and regular meal times. You worry (and worry and worry) about leaving your precious little bundle with anyone. You worry about their development, about their education, about reading them stories and challenging them. You worry they are bored with you.

Now, for just three easy payments of $59.95 plus $1700 postage and handling, you can buy the DGAFF circuit. Just attach these handy switches to the back of your neck, and leave the house. Worried about that babysitter? Just flick that CHILDCARE circuit to “Don’t Give A Flying F#%^”, pop off to a bar, and order yourself an Aperol spritz. Has that housework got you down? Step away from the vacuum cleaner and flick that HOUSEWORK switch to DGAFF.

About to recommence employment and worried about your apathy? As you hit that peak hour traffic simply switch Housework, Childcare, Meals and Separation Anxiety to DGAFF, switch Personal Appearance and Career to GAF, and your day will run smoothly. Just a flick of a switch will have you caring all over again once 5:30pm hits.

The circuit set comes with six circuits, and additional modules connect in easily. There is a built in override, with a safety shutdown for those who believe they can have it all, and consequently have too many circuits flicked to the GAF setting. After all, we don’t want your head exploding, mum.

The DGAFF CIRCUIT. For those parents who are just tired of giving a f#%^. Order yours today.


The Monday snapshot: the perils of me time

So last Monday night the planets were in alignment: early tea, relatively settled baby, good weather, still light outside.

I decided, finally, at last, after seven months plus nine ish months, to go out for a run. madness. I leave hub-in-boots to bath the jman, I don my “from behind the iron curtain giant sports bra” (there is nothing less sexy than underwear whilst breastfeeding), and out I go.

I’m doing ok. I run all the way to tarban creek bridge, I have a quick breather. I start to run out of puff on Cliff Young hill (an Aussie long distance older runner, known for his shuffle, and this hill always makes me shuffle), I start to lose it a bit but I press on, enjoying the solitude, enjoying the tunes, enjoying the me time. I think ” my Monday snapshot needs to be a picture of my feet, running. I’m so proud I got out, and did something positive for myself. The me I was before I was a mum.”

But I don’t get the snapshot up.

I get home to a bathed and sleeping child. It’s bliss. That hour felt like a two week holiday. Too good to waste on blog posts! “We’ll be doing this again” I tell hub-in-boots, “three times I a week”.

The next morning, I head off to mums n bubs boxing, feeling a little sore, but good sore.

And then I do this.

My ankles were fine during pregnancy, they are loose and sore all the time in the past few months. I go to do a step up on a park bench, and I end up eating dirt. Gravel rash on my palm, my cankle currently funky, fat and purple. As are my toes. What a dill.

And just in case you miss jman, here’s one we made earlier:


Booby prize

Things have been a bit quiet in adventure land lately. You’ll see why in next Monday’s snapshot. Suffice to say, I’m sitting still this week. And no, it’s not baby related. It’s that I’m a klutz.

In the interest of attempting to be something more than a former infertile come potty mouthed mother of one gorgeous jman, a new blog hit the streets today: Booby Prize.

I’ve always been a big reader, I quite like a literary prize, and, lets face it, breastfeeding = a whole lotta couch time. I am on the last episode of Gossip Girl, (no DO NOT tell me who it is), and my brain is dissolving like an aspirin in a large glass of water.

In an attempt to embrace my former “life of the mind” self, I’m blogging about prize listed books. This was a fledgling idea in about December, spurred on by hub in boots Xmas present: every novel on the 2012 Man Booker shortlist, and a champagne stopper. I’m two books in plus the commonwealth writers prize, and it’s time to get talking. Dissolving baby brain, one prize winning novel at a time.

This blog will continue…but if you’d like to hear less about nappies and more about reading loves and a genuine stand alone person, head over to Booby Prize