Booby prize

Things have been a bit quiet in adventure land lately. You’ll see why in next Monday’s snapshot. Suffice to say, I’m sitting still this week. And no, it’s not baby related. It’s that I’m a klutz.

In the interest of attempting to be something more than a former infertile come potty mouthed mother of one gorgeous jman, a new blog hit the streets today: Booby Prize.

I’ve always been a big reader, I quite like a literary prize, and, lets face it, breastfeeding = a whole lotta couch time. I am on the last episode of Gossip Girl, (no DO NOT tell me who it is), and my brain is dissolving like an aspirin in a large glass of water.

In an attempt to embrace my former “life of the mind” self, I’m blogging about prize listed books. This was a fledgling idea in about December, spurred on by hub in boots Xmas present: every novel on the 2012 Man Booker shortlist, and a champagne stopper. I’m two books in plus the commonwealth writers prize, and it’s time to get talking. Dissolving baby brain, one prize winning novel at a time.

This blog will continue…but if you’d like to hear less about nappies and more about reading loves and a genuine stand alone person, head over to Booby Prize


2 thoughts on “Booby prize

  1. Charlotte Furey

    Thanks Jo!

    It’s time to broaden my reading horizons and put down the tatty borrowed paperback, or the trashy e-read.

    I don’t belong to a “book club”, but think it may be time for my girlfriends and I to get busy ….

    You are the motivation that this lost reader requires

    Charlotte xxx

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