The Monday (Tuesday) snapshot : true love edition

So I’m running late again, with my Monday snapshot. But there’s a very good reason for that.

Last week was our third wedding anniversary. THREE YEARS! Crazy talk.

The day before, I had no present, no card, no car (hub-in-boots needed my vehicle after an incident involving a tow truck) and no idea.

I googled anniversary ideas (no, not original) and this came up:


A present for every hour. So at 8:03, hub-in-boots had a pressie saying “thanks for bringing home the …”. It was a gift wrapped bacon sandwich. Weird, but bacon is his favourite. Thing. Ever.

At 9:03: “I thought we’d lose the ….off our backs”. And inside, a new shirt.

The rest were mainly scooby snacks for work, but at 12:03 he got: “I asked Jensen to say CHEESE for your birthday. He thought I was NUTS.” and this pic:

Very cute.

At 4:03, he got an email with a picture of 21 Italians, as we were off to a restaurant called Ventuno.

What he didn’t realise, is that we were going by :

Water taxi! We have a jetty at our place, and we’ve always talked about getting a water taxi somewhere, but in three years we never have. After a big “can I be bothered” then a “i shouldn’t spend the money”, my friend Sim told me you only live once, just pull my finger out and do it. So I did.


We had champagne (from 5:03, you still make me feel bubbly inside!), and took our glasses, and the pram (!!!) down to the jetty.






And why is my post late? Food poisoning (from a party, not our anniversary dinner!). And let me tell you, true love is not water taxis on sydney harbour, it is holding your wife’s hair back while she hurls. And hurls. And hurls….


One thought on “The Monday (Tuesday) snapshot : true love edition

  1. Jenny

    Oh i love it!!! Happy Anniversary guys and Master J-man looks very cute with his bow tie. Love the pics . I love reading these posts. True love is hard to find but when you do, you hold onto it with every thing you have and make it grow stronger every day. Your both off to a wonderful and for filling adventure through life together . Im so happy for the both of you xoxo

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