The Monday snapshot: and just five more

The jman is frustrating the bejesus outta me. Mr ” I want that crap I’m crawling backwards why can’t I get it HELP!”

That and the 4 am waking. Grrrr.

In our pre natal classes the midwife asked the blokes to recall a time when they were doing pushups, and they nearly killed themselves to finish a set, then the trainer announced ‘and another five!’. “Remember how annoyed you are?” she said, “How ripped off?”

“That’s what it’s like for your partner with the baby”, she said, “when you’re home late”.

Now I tell hub-in-boots, it’s one of those “just five more push ups” days. Don’t be late.

Last week it was “dear husband, I’m down by the water. With the pram. Near the edge.If you’d like to join us….“. Which he did. Promptly. Obviously the tone of my text got through, as he didn’t park then walk down, he just drove straight down the hill to us. Phew.

And of course, Mr “my mum’s about to push me in” was all sweetness and light, when Daddy arrived….and, thankfully, it turned into a nice evening.



One thought on “The Monday snapshot: and just five more

  1. Bwahahaha…just 5 more push-ups. Oh man, I am SO using this with my husband. Good on your husband for realizing the importance of joining you by the water right away. 🙂

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