Mother of invention #12: nap zapper

The children’s shopping channel has been quiet of late (it’s called crawling, first cold, first time he ate an earring, first time he ate a cuff link..bad parenting, much?)…

But we’re back, bigger & better than ever. Introducing the nap zapper.

Ever spend an hour settling your precious little cherub for a long overdue nap, only to have them wake 25 minutes later? Ever have them go on a nap strike due to nasal congestion, plain old stubbornness, or just bad luck? The little darling clinging to your calf, weeping, whilst simultaneously going “no mum, I’m fine, no tiredness here. Move along. I’m playing, see?”.

Introducing the nap zapper. A cousin to the sonic screwdriver, the nap zapper simply needs to be waved in the direction of the offending zombie child, and whooska! a two hour nap ensues. No patting, rocking, driving arpund the block, singing, feeding or cajoling required. You, too, can feel like you’re following every ‘you should’ in the parenting manual, putting them down drowsy but awake… Or in this case, totally unconscious. What the hey.

The nap zapper. Just one easy payment equivalent to your standard monthly mortgage. You know you want to. The new model comes with tunes, a cup of tea , magazine and disco lights, so you can party on down when your gorgeous little cherry blossom relinquishes that tight hold on consciousness.

Buy yours today, parents, and a little piece of sanity cake can be yours….


4 thoughts on “Mother of invention #12: nap zapper

  1. A bargain at twice the price!! We are edging ever closer to outgrowing naps completely. Someone should make a horror movie out of *that*.

    I hope the jewelry was safely retrieved. The J-man is far too adorable to eat non-food items!

    1. Oh no, yes we’ve been on a bit of a nap strike, oh Lordy it’s been a long week. I hope you’re little striker settles down for some zzzz’s soon.

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    2. And yeah, the jewellery was caught before it was swallowed…I’m getting good at hooking my finger in and not getting bit…

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