The Monday snapshot: action man

J-man has two favourite places: 1. The bath. He can now say bath because he loves it so much. He particularly loves walking up and down it, and throwing random things into the bath.

2. The kitchen. He tears up the j-man friendly shelves as I cook, or wash up, or chop up, or make tea. I pick up his containers about sixteen times a day. And last night, he busted open the cornflour. The bugger. I just caught the clouds of white in my peripheral vision as he waved the open bag through the air and the flour settled all around him.




He also quite likes watching the footy with dad.


One thought on “The Monday snapshot: action man

  1. There are few things more delightful than digging through the pantry. I offer my daughter a steel pot and a wooden spoon every time I’m cooking, and the more noise she can make, the happier she is!

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