The Monday snapshot: wooooooooot

Swinging with my dad.


Woooooting with my dad. We have no idea what wooooot means (after a whole day of p’t, puttee, ptoooey we realised he was copying “you -wanna -cup-of-tea?”… But the true meaning of the “woooooot”remains a delightful mystery). The woooot began the same day he took his first steps, the day after his birthday. We’d had a wine or two, and had tears running down our faces it was so funny. These are slightly muted wooots, but believe me he started it.

click here to view the woooooooot

And with mum. In the interests of balance. I wasn’t feeling well here.


(And yes, we still owe you the birthday shots. Gathering other people’s photos in the digital age is never easy…..)

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