The Monday snapshot: festy

The Friday before last, we had the dreaded 12 month immunisations. Dreaded, given the last one landed us in hospital for a night on Xmas eve.

Sure enough, after the latest injections, cranky man arrived that Friday night.

Grumpy Sneezy and Dopey arrived Saturday, during the joint mums group first birthday, hosted at our house. 16 ish adults, 11 kids. Jman was not Happy.

Sunday, Grumpy Sneezy and Dopey hung around.

Tuesday, 3am, Fevery arrived. Let’s call him the 8th dwarf. His friend Rashy came over some 8 hours later. Grumpy was definitely still in da house.

Wednesday: Fevery left, Rashie hung out. Mummy called the doctor. Immunisation, my ass.

Thursday: Rashie took some ‘roids, and became Festy. Snow white was nowhere to be seen. Mummy got a bit concerned, and visited the doctor.

Festy, aka “hand foot and mouth disease”, had come to stay.

AFTER the doctors visit ( of course), mummy’s very sore throat became scary hit by truck feeling. Whilst there was only her and Grumpy home. With dizziness, chest pain, a sore neck, joint pain. Mummy had had a headache for three days. Mummy thought about ambulances, til Daddy got home.

Daddy also looked like shite from Tuesday to Thursday.

Friday: a bit of light. Mummy teamed up with Grumpy and lost her shit at 4am, saying she couldn’t do a 15 hour day of work followed by AFL Football blockbuster, with jman feeling like this.

Daddy stayed home from work. Happy replaced Grumpy, as far as jman was concerned.




Saturday was another lovely bright sunshine day, and Festy stayed in the park away from all children with Daddy, while mummy nicked into the farmers markets for supplies. Including bacon and sausages for a quarantined fathers day.

Saturday, mummy went nuts and went out alone. Mummy was having a lovely time at the shops, just enjoying the open ended me time, feeling more free than she had for months. She knew shed have to keep jman in quarantine for another week, so she figured it’d be good to blow off some steam.


Her finger was a bit sore.

Except her feet hurt a bit, like she’d walked 50km.

Except she suddenly realised Festy was out with her.

Within an hour mummy turned into Festy.

Sunday, Fathers day, a well planned well prepared for present ordered shipped wrapped card written on kind of day, everything turned to shit.

Grumpy was back. Bigger and better than ever. The jman was berserk. Up at 6am after 9 hours sleep. Festy and mummy were best buds, as she got lumps on her lumps, and her blisters bubbled, popped, then re inflated. Grumpy refused to sleep. And quite liked standing on Mummy’s Festy feet. Mummy lost her shit. A lot.

Worst. Fathers day. Ever.

Today, Festy Monday, a double appointment at the doctors. Mummy, aka Festy, can’t walk properly because the whole soles of her feet are covered in sores. Her hands, oh, her hands. The doctor said this could not go on, and while she’d seen Festy before, she’d never seen Festy quite this bad. Ok, anywhere NEAR this bad.

Daddy came home at 1:30.

Daddy is staying home until Festy and Grumpy leave.

Jman is a little better, after the perfect storm of Hand foot & mouth, immunisation with a live virus, and over tiredness.

Festy is still in da house. Probably for another week. I hope he leaves soon.

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