The Monday snapshot: too cool for school

The weather is fining up, so it’s time to break out the big boy hats. In a size 4-6 year old. Hence the nickname: nugget ned with a giant head……


Apparently, in this week’s other highlights, BBQ corn is amazing, and much more interesting than the sawn off kernels your mother left in a neat pile on your plate. Corn was a big hit. The nappies, I’m not so much looking forward to….


And sadly, no photo of the hot fireman, but the Jman did love checking out a fire truck this week. Even if I did have to convince him to leave the fuel cap ALONE.



Things are changing rapidly around here. He is walking more and more in little stretches, and climbing….for example, waiting until I had my hands full making salmon rissoles then piled up pillows to step on so he could climb up onto the couch and threaten to jump off the end, whilst I have mashed potato and breadcrumbs up to my wrists. Good on you, Jman. The crisis was averted. Just.

He still likes obstacles, and unpacking cupboards, and I’ve taken to leaving surprises in “his” cupboard. The small tin of tuna caused great excitement, and he ran up and down the lounge holding it aloft like the Statue of Liberty. He may not get over the mind blowing surprise of a jar of hundreds and thousands. Done up. Very tightly.

What can we say: (not a braggy checklist, just a record for our memories of 13 months old):

Ta, pretty reliably, particularly if we find food items in the nappy Bag or cupboard that we’d like opened.

We say bath.

Pup, every time we see a dog.

Sum dat (you can see many words are food related…).

Pertea. Short for “cup of tea”, or, in Australian, “youwannacuppa tea?”

Dude. Used by daddy a lot as he changes a dirty nappy. “Woah, DUDE! What have you been eating????”. Now repeated by jman.

Dad, Mum, Bub.

His favourite game is I shout “MUM, SAY MUM!!!”! And he looks me right in the eye and says DAD!

If I do it again, he changes to BUB! And then laughs uproariously.

Boo, for book.

Toat for toast, while signing toast.

We sign plane now. And we try to sign chicken.

We say Dutt. For duck. And the duck says “uh uh uh uh”, like when I tell him not to touch something. Apparently my uh uhs and my quack quacks are similar!

Brmmmm brmmmm for car, truck, bus.

MmmmmmmMMMMmmmm when we’d like a drink from mum.

Pear, which sounds more like Par. “Par par” usually means any fruit: pear, banana, mandarin, apple, sometimes a tomato is a “par”. It can also mean stop with the main course and give me dessert.

I think there’s a new word mmmmMA, which is Grandma. Grandma, who already had a broken wrist, fell and broke her hip, so there’s been quite a bit of running to hospitals and talking to mmmmmMA.

And of course, we still say Wooooooooot. Which, incidentally, appears to be the noise the ipad makes when a message goes. Oh dear.

His level of comprehension is SCARY all of a sudden, which has made me realise it may be time to lose the potty mouth mamma thing. His pre verbal babble is constant and HILARIOUS. I listen, and it’s like I can almost comprehend it, it’s so close to actual speech with all the amazing intonations. He chats all day every day, in the car, in the house, in the pram, playing, walking. He’s got an opinion on everything. Our conversations when I respond to him and ask him a question “oh really?….and then what happened?” Just crack me up.

Following instructions / comprehension : (again, for us and memory, not listing our child’s “skills”!)

This week he can …
…clap hands if you ask (without gesturing),
….I asked him to “turn on the little light” and he turned on the bedside touch lamp,
… “bring mummy the book”…no problems
….point to his mouth, nose, hair when asked. He’s not so good at eyes or ears !!! But these skills seem to have “erupted” all of a sudden. Last week, I swear he’d look at me like I was talking Russian when I asked him to point to his mouth. This week,” yeah, it’s here, what’s it to you?”

Is amazing how quickly things change. Seeing him wandering around wearing little soft soled shoes makes him look so grown up. Like a little man, you now see the glimpses of the school boy, the scary teenager, the kid on the couch watching tele (I hope not!). He changes every single day.


8 thoughts on “The Monday snapshot: too cool for school

    1. Oh ta! Yes, the paed asked “who has the big head?” At our 12 month check up to make sure he didn’t need extra tests for the off the chart head size…sadly, both parents. I was once told, by a hat shop, they’d have to order something in specially, so I guess that’s genetics for you!!!!

  1. Yes to all of that! The last two weeks it was like someone flicked a switch and she’s been going nuts. The cup of tea made me laugh! Molly has a tea set and I sing out cup of teeeeea and she goes and gets me a cup! We’ve got ears, nose, belly and tongue covered. Loving this age and his hat is so cool!

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