The Monday snapshot: and gave me a Vegemite sandwich

First trip to the zoo this weekend. Jman was pretty happy about it.

Though the Vegemite sandwich rates higher, in his estimations, than the elephants.


He’s big on giraffes.


He adored the aviary, pointing and exclaiming at every little bird that flitted by.



He roared at the lion. (Must have been from the Fisher Price app, as I don’t think they’d let a lion in peekaboo barn, and we don’t have many lions in our books yet….).

It was very kind of the chimpanzees to have a turf war right in front of us. Jman kept his cool as a chimp beat his chest and shouted, eye to eye with jman just inches away with only a pane of glass separating them! The old man chimp wandered up and waved to jman. Jman waved back. It was very cute. They continued to wave and gesticulate at each other for about a minute. It was too amazing to stop and get photos of!

The Jman didn’t get the seal show, but he liked the applause.

What a top day out.




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