A thousand and forty one nights

So today, I’ve agreed to go on a brief last minute business trip, against my better judgement. An overnight to Brisbane for a presentation.

I can remember the feeling of the walls closing in when jman was born, when I looked ahead and thought about breastfeeding, about life in general, and thought “crap! I’m trapped. I’m really really trapped”. He needs me every two hours. Get me a paper bag to breathe into.

Somehow, as the blob turns into a small person, and the small person turns into a bigger person, as I adjusted to this new version of myself, the “trap” became what I wanted to do. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, or wanting to be. Mostly. Like any mother I had the Thelma and louise meets disappear to a five star hotel alone without notice fantasy, yep, but mostly,I wanted to be there for him. Mostly, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Tonight, after a thousand and forty one nights, I will be somewhere else. 36 hours apart…the longest separation we have had in nearly three years.

Parenting, where you have to go from separate to embedded and intertwined, wrapped together, and somehow, over time, get back to being separate people. Separate but bound. Tied. Linked. It’s like a personality decathlon for the parent. And I suspect, with this bring our first night apart, this is only about the fourth event.

I’ll be thinking of you, jman. I will also quite enjoy the king sized bed.


5 thoughts on “A thousand and forty one nights

  1. Phew, I’m amazed it ended up being that long before you left for a night! Jman will be in great hands, and you enjoy that king sized bed all to yourself. 🙂 Travel safely!

  2. When I was away overnight for the first time, I was soooo looking forward to a full night’s sleep in a king size bed. And what happened? The mattress was so hard? I couldn’t sleep 😦 Hope your king size bed will treat you better! Safe travels 🙂

    1. Thanks. It has ended up as two double beds, but this is probably going to be better than someone coming into my bed at 3am and sleeping sideways across my face…..bubble bath coming up!

  3. I hope you had a great time away and enjoyed getting back to jman just as much.
    The first time I was away from my boy for the night was when I had his sister (he was 2yr 8mo). It was difficult. We survived.

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