The cast and crew

I, maybe baby, am a Sydney professional woman about to turn 40 (agh!), delightfully married for two and a half years at long last, and going down a long long road to start a family. I’m a writer with a twisted sense of humour & a love of music & the arts….

Hub-in-boots is 45, a full time worker and AFL Umpires coach, motor racing enthusiast with a literary & artistic bent, a long time bachelor before being snaffled into this life, a love of music but no sense of rhythm and a warped sense of humour.

The j-man is our son, Jensen Angus, who was born August 2, 2012. He’s quite lovely.

Dr North Korea is called this because he was our high risk obstetrician, a bit of a dictator with no bedside manner. He is contrasted with Dr South Korea, who we went to for a second opinion, and who was lovely and open to questions and choice. Neither doctor is actually Korean, it is more a comment on their respective modus operandi.

9 thoughts on “The cast and crew

  1. I’ve just scan-read most of your blog after you left a comment on mine earlier. Firstly, you do not need a psychiatric assessment – you are getting your therapy from blogging, hopefully it is cathartic enough. Secondly, despite the fact that this is perhaps not the way you imagined having children, you will get through this. All 3 of my pregnancies (1 failed, 2 successful) were difficult in their own ways (although admittedly I wasn’t required to stay in bed like you). You will get through it and it is amazing how quickly you will move on from the boredom of bedrest to the exhaustion of being up all night with a crying baby. Thirdly, you seem like a strong young woman (yes at nearly 40 you are still young – I turned 40 at the beginning of the year, so I am using this as my mantra), with a mind of her own, so tell all those cake communists to F right off and bring something healthy! Good to meet you and I shall follow your bump with interest!!

    1. thanks and nice to “meet” you too. Whilst our little community is very nice and supportive, I decided the other day that sometimes it is nice to read something other than stories of infertility, loss and pregnancy…after all my life prior to all of this was all about literature, education bands and having fun! Good to be reminded I have a brain and interests. Had my psych assessment and Mr Man was quite happy I was doing just fine (he looked a little astounded at the litany of dramas and how fine I am) and didn’t need his help. Thanks for sharing on your pregnancies…they are all so different, ours just a bit more eventful than I was hoping for. I still think I’m young too :-). Love the comment on the cake communists, I am cracking down on them now, the buggers.

  2. An Australian IF blog! The first I’ve found – maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I am glad to have found someone blogging about this on the same continent as me. I have only skimmed so far but I’m excited to follow your adventures with little one to tow.

    1. Hooray for Aussies! No I haven’t found many Aussies on here as yet. It looks like the treatment regimes etc are really quite different to some countries too. I’ve certainly had an adventure, but things are finally looking up now…nice to have you on board.

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