The Monday snapshot (on Tuesday, holidays!): lawnmower man

It’s late. Yeah, whatevs. Holidays. We’re up my brother’s farm in the hunter valley. The jman met his first dog, and took on some farm equipment. Look at that face!

Unfortunately, I’ve realised “holiday” as a mum, is a bit of a misnomer. Same work, different location and with less gear and routine. Which in his case equals less sleep. For all of us. Gah. Still, nice to have a change of scene…and jman’s enjoying waking up to daddy every day.

It is nice to get away, breathe a bit of country air, eat nice meals, have the occasional lunch out…and we’re damn lucky we can have free holidays. I can imagine him here in a few years, chasing turtles and wombats, catching tadpoles and yabbies, picking apples, harassing passing birds and trying out all the big farm toys!



Author! Author!

Well just got home from two nights at hotel mum, and waiting in the letter box was a book ! Yay!

Yes I look like crap, but the book’s cute. 5 weeks bedrest will do that to you…

“Hide and seek Sydney : Feeling Peckish ” is a book of restaurant reviews of hidden and unknown dining gems around Sydney. Through some weird unplanned divergence from my career as a business lecturer, I am one of the five reviewers!

It’s pretty funny reading my own reviews, done in a marathon eating effort in September 2011, full of aioli, wine, cocktails, blue cheese (and jokes about hub-in-boots’ eating ability)….. Not quite today’s pregnant diet…

Avail in bookshops /online from March, online at Hide seek Sydney . I’m pretty happy with the edited copy, the images and the layout.

But no one needs to feel obligated to buy….I don’t get royalties!

Here is one of the reviews in the book: . I think I’ve got six reviews in the book.

The couch bound brood hen a published writer? Good news indeed :-). At least now I can live vicariously through my own former life….