A shitty Multiple choice

So we saw the ob today, after yesterday’s insanity. The good news is gumby is still alive, waving arms around, and still has a heartbeat, loud and clear. Ultrasound was very clear, But we didn’t get the pictures.

The ob is pretty abrupt. Good, but abrupt. I don’t think I like him, but I do trust him. And maybe a clinical non empathic approach is easier to wear at the moment.

*there WILL be more bleeding
*the edge of the placenta is bleeding, and there’s a clot next to it
*if the bleeding has lots of period pain, it will be a miscarriage
*if the bleeding continues after 16 weeks (16-20) it is likely to lead to placental abruption and preterm labor
*i’m having two weeks off work, the first week not leaving the house, bed rest
*double the progesterone pessaries to stabilise the endometrium
*the placenta may grow and absorb the clot, leaving a scar, then everything should be ok
*the clot may bleed out, then it should be ok provided the placenta does not detach in the process
* sub chorionic haematoma risk factors =first pregnancy,maternal age, ivf, diabetes. So I’m 40, first pregnancy, ivf, and I have insulin resistance. Bugger.
*no exercise, no lifting
*any questions?

At this point I just sat with my mouth open. Stunned mullet. Ditto hub in boots. I’m really tired and drained, and I’m over analysing every little twinge and cramp. I am not sure what to do with myself.

Hub in boots, after running around for two hrs doing housework, is still googling prams. The steel craft surf is the flavour of the day….


5 thoughts on “A shitty Multiple choice

  1. Thinking of you! The worry must just be unbearable. All you can do is hold on tight to the fact that gumby is still there and still alive. Don’t let go of hope!!! All the best.

  2. I’m sending you lots of love, health and positive energy all the way from Vancouver, BC. Can you feel it?! You guys will get through this! Gumby is a fighter — he’s not going anywhere. Take good care, and rest up, Mommy.

    D x

    1. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. Actually slept last night-what a blessing. Amazing what a difference that makes. So far confinement has not been too bad. Let’s hope it stays nice and non eventful.

  3. OK forgive me, the nerdy science geek in me just read that and went, “Wow, that’s so….interesting!” but I’m super glad to hear that, as scary as all that sounds, there’s still a good chance that everything will be ok. Praying for ya!

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