Mother of invention #5: the nursery blade

Calling all product developers. This one’s not quite ready for the baby shopping network just yet.

The nursery blade? It’s not as bad as it sounds.

Have you seen / experienced the Dyson Air Blade hand dryer in a bathroom? You stick your little moist fingers in between the two sides, and in a crazy blast of high powered air in 15 seconds flat, unlike most bathroom hand dryers, your hands actually come out dry. Crazy.

Well, viewers, here’s the thing. One night, dying to go back to bed after a night feed, but needing a top to toe change on the j man because he’d peed up his back again (and was up to five outfit changes in 12 hours), I had a lightbulb moment.

We need a Dyson air blade made slightly larger and mounted on the nursery wall. Then I could just hold Jman by the armpits, insert his wet little body, outfit, singlet, and wrap in the air blade, lift him out dry 15 seconds later, and shot him into bed. Hell, if you were a REALLY lazy parent, you could pop him in a cloth nappy and just dry off those wet ones without the tiresome nappy change. Imagine the washing you’d save? Plus the heat would do wonders for his wind pain.

So that’s what I’d like, a nursery air blade. Product developers apply here.


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